How to Locate Someone Through WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

How to Locate Someone Through WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

How to Locate Someone Through WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

How to track a person's phone number or how to find out where people are using Whatsapp to get someone's location. Surely you want to know where the position/location of people let alone girlfriends (wow) so as not to be lied to we can use the way that the admin will give below.

Tracking someone's phone number (friends, family, and others) is definitely everyone sign including admin. Well, the increasing sophistication of today's technology makes some things that feel difficult (initially) until now finally all can be obstacles through mobile phones.

One of them we're going to discuss right now. Before that admins have also given or listed some articles about Whatsapp Tricks of course. One way to draw messages on WhatsApp without the app. If inign friends read it it's okay to be welcome.

Ok let's move on to the discussion and now we'll go straight to it. off wait, first, before discussing there are some things that friends should prepare among others:

  • Laptop 
  • Internet connection and 
  • Don't forget to increase a cup of coffee with a cigarette.

Of course Ok, when ready all the tools needed we immediately cuss how to do it. Check it out below ok.

How to Find Out Where People Are Using Wa 

Surely this is one of the alternatives that can be done by friends to know the location of friends, relatives, or girlfriends with Wa. Want to know how?

Check out how below so you don't miss Out on Unique Ways, Tricks, WhatsApp Tricks, and more. Go straight to the way below.

Track No Hp on Pc Using Whatsapp Web 

Well, for this first way you just have to use WhatsApp web to find out the location of someone who is usually someone's lying. How do you do that? It will be covered directly by the admin below.

The first 

Friends must log in first on the WhatsApp web. If you know how to run to the second stage. If you still do not know how please read this Sharp Trick first: how to open WhatsApp web on laptop /pc.

The second 

 Please open the most recent message sent by a friend (e.g. That's to specify or search for the IP Address of the target. If it's already advanced to the next trick. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously Of course to open a task manager. If you have opened the task manager further to the twitching stage.

Friends open Windows + R (to open CMD) and that's where we look for the IP of the target. If you have already clicked "CMD" in the box after pressing Windows + R and Enter.

Next, keep the secret code "netstat" 

Type the rahasia code to find out the IP of the target. The secret code is "netstat". Type in CMD and then Enter. If you've gone to the next stage, go to the site to find out the target location.

Next, Open Ip-address Site 

Open the Ip Address site or directly click this LINK TO THE IP ADDRESS. If you have already entered the site, friends will have to fill in the IP of the target in the CMD inserted into this Ip address. If you've searched and found someone's location. Well, that's the first way to go the second way see below.

Track No Hp Using Share location (Google Map). 

Well, for this second way friends can use them quite easily without having to bother like the way above. how to? The way is quite simple follow trus way below.

  • Log in to WhatsApp 
  • Find no friends to track his position
  • Then please chat with the friend and ask for a location.
  • Automatically, if your friend is kind will surely be given the location of your friend. If you have. Click on the location and tadaaaaa the location of the friend is already known. 

Well, that's how to find out a friend's location with WhatsApp or another app. It is a little easy how to know the position of friends or track your phone number using WhatsApp. hopefully, this Jitu Trick can be useful and greetings admin.
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